ETP Wish List

Please feel free to call or email us for more information about the items listed below.


We also have items on our Amazon "Wish List". Check it out at http://a.co/6WDvGxR

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CSI Western Saddle Pad - https://www.csisaddlepads.com/product/csi-standard-western-flex-plate-saddlepad/

CSI Standard Western Flex-Plate Saddle pad - PRICE: $379.00
(Special saddle pad to protect horse's back and evenly distribute rider's weight)

All Purpose or Dressage Saddle 19 or 20 inch seat with adjustable tree - better fit for our tall male riders. Or please make a designated donation towards this purchase.  

Helmets - Available at Tractor Supply and on-line

  • Troxel Spirit: Size Small and Medium = $39.95
  • Troxel Legacy: Size Medium= $59.99

Helmets - Available online

  • (Our 1st choice) Tipperary Sportage 8500 = $79.95
  • Aegis Junior Pony Helmet = $36.99
  • Ovation Protege: All sizes = $44.95 


Insulated Water Bucket Cover - Smart Pak

Quantity needed: 17 = $41.95 each

Tribute Grain proof of purchase tags

If you feed this brand of grain to your horse(s), please cut out the proof of purchase on the back of the bag and bring/send them to ETP. We get reimbursement for these from Tribute's Partners Program!


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