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We offer several different types of internships to fit your educational needs! Internships can be customizable to the individual-so please let us know how we can help you. An internship at our farm can be beneficial to your resume, professional development, learning goals, personal goals and so much more!

At times, we offer paid internships. Please inquire to learn more. 

Types of Internships

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Childhood Development

We work with many children with different developmental needs and abilities. Our therapeutic riding program and hippotherapy program are great ways to obtain experience.

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Occupational/Physical Therapy

Hippotherapy refers to how occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists utilize equine movement as a tool to engage sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive systems. You'll work closely with our Physical Therapist Assistant to obtain experience.

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This internship program would consist of learning how to maintain pastures, combat weeds, and rotate grazing schedules according to plant growth. We have 35 acres of pasture!

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Equine Studies or Equine Business

We wouldn't be able to run our organization without extensive knowledge about equines and the equine business. This internship program can be molded to fit your exact needs and educational goals!

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Marketing / Digital Marketing

Without community support, we wouldn't exist! We find help and support by reaching out to our community and sharing news and updates on social media.

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Do you want to work with large animals? We have plenty for you to get hands on experience with. You'll learn how to safely and confidently work around horses. You'll also get experience with wound care, general health care, and nutrition. 

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Social Work

Coming Soon

Contact Us

Office Phone: 419-657-2700

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