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Team Building and Leadership Training

Equine Experiential Education (EEE), a form of Equine Assisted Learning, refines leadership qualities in today’s world market by enhancing our abilities to communicate with integrity on a physical, emotional and enduring level. 

EEE offers the opportunity for anyone looking to build stronger relationships inside the workforce  through experiential feedback from ground activities with horses. Results are dramatic and instant. The process is engaging, fun, and focused. 

What do horses have to do with Leadership Training? 

Glad you asked! Horses are herd animals, meaning they are genetically geared toward recognizing hierarchy, and most importantly, recognizing a qualified leader for their very survival. Because of this fine-tuned awareness, horses give us instant and accurate physical feedback. If you aren’t meeting the horse with integrity, awareness and responsibility then you will know instantly that you need to change your approach to leadership. During each Equine Experiential Education (EEE) workshop, an action plan will be developed to better leverage the strengths and make improvements so that your team will more effectively and successfully achieve its goals. 

Team Building

-Develop leadership skills 

-Better understand individual     communication styles 
-Enhance teamwork 

Corporate Training

-Develop leadership skills 
-Better understand individual communication styles 
-Illuminate the factors that influence behavior such as 
beliefs, culture, and assumptions. 

Leadership Training

-Improve creative problem solving 
-Enhance teamwork 
-Build confidence and self-esteem 

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get the credit for doing it."

 -Andrew Carnegie 

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