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Our Wishlist

These are the items we can really use at the farm! 

Gift Cards from:






Big R

Big Dee's



Gas Cards


Hand saws


Hack Saw


Extension Cords – 25, 50, 100 ft.


Battery Powered Chainsaw


Water Trough Heaters


Car Wash Cards


Manure Forks


Buck Saw


Endure Fly Spray – any fly spray will do


Empty Spray Bottles




Office Supplies

These items are available from Freedom Rider Tack Shop:


          Adjustable Handle reins


          Replacement handles for adjustable  handle reins


          Nylon color-coded reins


          Western Lil’ Dude Safety Stirrups


          Fillis Peacock Safety Stirrups


Children’s Stirrup leathers for English saddle


Helmets – large and extra small


Seat Savers – English & Western


Stirrup leather covers


English saddle pads for medium size horse


English saddle pads for larger horse


Buckets to use in class


Other Items

Garden Hoses, fittings and repair kits


Wet and Dry Cat Food


Cat litter


Cat beds

Cordless impact driver

Cordless Backpack leaf blower






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